8 tips for developing child independence
If you want to raise a self-confident child who is able to make decisions independently, you need to give him freedom for this. The key to raising an independent child…

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What a two year old baby really understands
Svetlana, the mother of two-year-old Julia, says: “When my little daughter was ill with digestive disorders, I worked remotely. Usually, when a daughter is ill, she does not become less…

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How to teach a kid discipline
Many parents experience problems in the process of introducing the child to the discipline. Especially often this problem is encountered by young parents raising their first child. The sooner you…

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behavior is that parents

We instill ecological habits in the child

A well-known proverb says: “He who knows the price of money, that he can’t escape the need.” A lean attitude not only to money, but also to food, water, things, time and any other resources is a very important skill. Parents should teach their children to save money from an early age. This is important not only for maintaining the family budget, but also for the child to learn the correct model of resource consumption and develop ecological thinking.

However, unfortunately, modern parents do not very often set themselves such tasks in raising children. Moreover, overconsumption today is becoming quite common in modern families.

To teach a child to take care of food, money, time, etc. is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. No special effort is required for this. Start by showing your child a good example. Change your own daily habits, become more thrifty yourself. Thus, you will be able to form environmentally friendly habits in your child.

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How to raise a child in an ordinary family

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “No school can compare with a decent home education, no teacher can compare with a virtuous parent.” Indeed, this logic applies to raising children in average families. Of course, there are certain dangers in family education, and parents must make great efforts when raising a child. But in the end, you will be happy to see that your child has adopted the best family moral qualities and values.

The problem is not that children who grow up in wealthy families are spoiled. It often happens that without proper control by the parents, they begin to lead a hectic life: they abuse their parents’ money, spend time at night parties and develop unhealthy habits.

Children who are raised in average families usually cannot do this. Therefore, they often complain of peer pressure. In such cases, you should not scold the child, it is better to teach him to value money and be content with what he has.

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How to teach a child discipline

Children usually resist parental attempts to discipline them. However, discipline is extremely important to ensure that the family has a calm atmosphere.

The problem is that many parents believe that the only way to encourage a child to discipline is to yell at him. But there are many other strategies that can be used to discipline a child. Let’s consider some of them.

Don’t yell at the baby

Screaming is a bad method to discipline a child. It may work the first few times, but sooner or later, if you use this method too often, the child will switch his attention and stop listening to you.

Of course, in some cases, screaming is the only way to call a child to order, for example, in cases where he does something that can cause him physical harm, and you are too far from him to prevent it. Try to switch to screaming as little as possible, practice more effective methods. Continue reading

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