A simple way to improve your baby’s health and well-being
There is one small action, using which you can strengthen the emotional connection with your loved ones. It is a hug. Hugs are a powerful form of recognition that the…

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How to establish open communication with children at home
In families where open communication is practiced, each member feels that he is loved and respected in the family circle. Open communication also helps to deal with emerging conflicts. This…

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How to teach a child good manners
Today, one can often hear phrases: “Modern children are ill-mannered”, “In our time, we knew how to behave,” “Children lack good manners,” etc. However, good manners do not appear on…

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Things Children Need for Well-Being

Children need the most basic things from their parents, such as time and affection. This contributes to their development. Your child grows up the way you raised him. Consider what exactly the child should receive in full from the parents.

All children are affected by the environment in which they grow. The child learns from how he lives, who surrounds him, which makes him a man. If parents encourage the child, he learns confidence. If parents teach a child honesty, he becomes fair. If a child grows up in an atmosphere of approval, he learns to love himself. If a child grows up in safety, he learns to trust. If parents teach a child to share, he grows up generous. If a child grows up in an atmosphere of acceptance and friendliness, he learns to love and make the world better.

When you first have a child, you want to give him all the best: you buy the most expensive toys, clothes and other things. But is all this your child needs? Of course, he needs certain things, but this is not the main thing. Simple things, such as love, affection, and attention, play a major role in the growth and development of a child. Your care and affection give the child a sense of security that will allow him to fully reveal his potential while exploring the world around him. Consider several factors that are important in the development of the child. Continue reading

What parents should not tell their daughter

It is extremely important for a little girl what her parents think and say about her. Parents for a girl are the whole world, and therefore, if they say something bad about her, she takes it to heart. These words remain with her for many years. In adolescence, girls perceive all words many times more sharply than usual, and any frustrating commentary can make her see herself in an unsightly light. This often lowers the girl’s self-esteem.

Even adults don’t like it when their parents are lenient or challenging their opinions. From parents we need advice, but not harsh criticism.

Fortunately, many modern mothers have already abandoned the obsolete ways of raising girls, which they raised themselves. However, parents still often make mistakes in raising their daughters without even realizing the harm that they do. Parents do not understand that their language is the worst weapon they use against their daughters.

Consider 10 common phrases that can harm girls and which parents should refuse. Continue reading

How not to make a child’s bad behavior worse

Anger and disobedience are normal reactions of a person when they feel threatened or fearful. This reaction is natural for both adults and children, regardless of whether the threat is real and comes from the outside world or is inside us (for example, when we are deeply upset, confused, feel grief or frustration). Anger or disobedience can ease the feeling of powerlessness and relieve pain for a while.

Young children are not yet able to cope with disappointments, as they do not possess the necessary skills for this. Their psyche is not yet sufficiently developed so that they can see the real causes of their disorders. They cannot calm themselves and regulate their reactions. Punishing a child for bad behavior in such cases is not only unfair, but also unproductive. From this he feels even more impotence and anger.

But, if punishment only reinforces the child’s bad behavior, how to cope with his bad behavior? What can be done if the child shows anger or disobedience? Continue reading

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