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How to teach a child discipline

Children usually resist parental attempts to discipline them. However, discipline is extremely important to ensure that the family has a calm atmosphere.

The problem is that many parents believe that the only way to encourage a child to discipline is to yell at him. But there are many other strategies that can be used to discipline a child. Let’s consider some of them.

Don’t yell at the baby

Screaming is a bad method to discipline a child. It may work the first few times, but sooner or later, if you use this method too often, the child will switch his attention and stop listening to you.

Of course, in some cases, screaming is the only way to call a child to order, for example, in cases where he does something that can cause him physical harm, and you are too far from him to prevent it. Try to switch to screaming as little as possible, practice more effective methods.

Show frustration

Instead of being angry, show your child that you are disappointed with his behavior. This will affect him more, because the children really do not like to feel that they let someone down. When you tell your child what happened, ask him how, in his opinion, his behavior has affected the situation and you personally.

If you give the child enough time to think about his actions, this will mean that in the future he will most likely not do this (especially if he knows that he disappointed you with his behavior).

Use the “places for naughty children” method

Many parents consider this method effective in raising a child, especially young children. The “place for naughty children” method works in the same way as the child demonstrates his disappointment. However, for this method to become familiar in your family, it will take some time.

You can put the child in a “corner for naughty children” or some other place where he should spend some time (usually a minute for each year of his age). During this time, the child will not receive any attention from you and will think about how he can act differently in such cases. If you pay attention to the child at this time, he usually continues to act in his own way.

Punishment: pros and cons

Using punishments to discipline a child can be beneficial, but the worst thing you can do in this case is to punish the child for no reason. You must give your child the opportunity to learn and change. If a child is behaving badly, explain what behavior you expect from him and what punishment awaits him next time.

If a similar situation happens again, you should keep your word and punish the child. If you constantly warn the child and not fulfill his threats, he will feel that he can get away with any behavior. This is the golden rule of discipline.

If you teach your child discipline, this does not mean that you are bad parents. On the contrary, it shows that you are raising a child correctly. You should not be the best friend of the child, your task is to teach him to distinguish the right from the wrong. However, at the same time, you need to become for the child a person whom he will trust and to whom he will turn for advice.

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