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Parents in a smartphone: impact on children

Recently, we often hear that digital technology is breaking down bonds between people and contributing to social isolation. Ironically, social networks allow us to virtually communicate with people almost around the clock. But, if we spend too much time in the virtual world, we find ourselves in social isolation.

If parents are too keen on electronic devices, this can adversely affect their relationship with their children. Such children will subsequently also suffer from a lack of social skills.

Loneliness and isolation pose a health risk.

Feeling of loneliness arises due to unrealized emotional needs. It reflects a lack of emotional connection, and not the absence of other people nearby. That is why we can feel lonely, even while in the crowd.

In fact, being among people, we can feel loneliness in two cases. Firstly, if we are among strangers and are not inclined to spontaneously communicate with people. In this case, we feel loneliness, and not just excitement, because we are looking for an emotional connection and do not find it.

Secondly, we can feel loneliness if we are near family or friends, and everyone is busy with their mobile phones, rather than communicating with each other.

Indeed, excessive enthusiasm for electronic gadgets can lead to the fact that people, even being in the company, feel lonely. This is most pronounced when at a family holiday in honor of the birthday of one of the family members or on another important occasion, everyone looks at their smartphones.

Feeling lonely may be a reaction to social isolation. When we are unable to interact with other people, we feel lonely. Previously, a child, feeling loneliness, left his room and played with other children in the yard, in extreme cases – he would tease a brother or sister or pester parents with his whims. No one had mobile phones, and computers were used only for games.

In recent years, smartphone users not only forgot how to think independently, relying on the mobile Internet in everything, but also lost their social skills. Every year, children play less and less and spontaneously communicate with their parents. This is due to the fact that those and others spend more and more time on their smartphones. Modern children from an early age know what opportunities for communication are provided by the mobile Internet. They admire new technologies and do not understand the dangers that they entail.

Are modern youth the generation of the lonely?

Many of us felt lonely at a certain point in our lives, some are more prone to this feeling than others. However, as a result of recent studies, scientists have come to the conclusion that young people often feel lonely than middle-aged and older people. They did not play enough and communicate with peers in childhood, being too keen on their smartphones. In addition, their parents also took them for walks and children’s parties, while flipping through the feed on social networks.

Today, parents are increasingly buying electronic toys, even for infants and preschoolers. This indicates their own obsession with electronic devices. While children have fun at the touch of a button, parents have more time left on their smartphones. Researchers have found that situations where parents learn lessons with their child while being distracted by mobile phones (for example, being distracted by calls) adversely affect their child’s school performance.

Of course, in the modern world it is unreasonable to completely ignore electronic devices. However, more attention needs to be paid to the social needs of everyone – from children to the elderly.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the loneliness that modern youth is experiencing is that they are the first generation whose parents did not give them due attention due to electronic devices.

Before e-mail and Internet forums, young mothers talked to each other over the phone. However, they quickly realized that while they were talking, troubles could happen: a child can steal sweets from the table, watch TV, if he is forbidden, arrange a fight with his brother, etc. Anyway, phone calls could not be long, because the interlocutor on the other end of the wire also needed to move away from the phone.

However, Internet technologies have penetrated the lives of modern parents so much that abandoning them has become more difficult. Chats, forums, online stores, social networks – all this takes parents a lot of time. If a child needs parental control, he can feel lonely, even if his parents are in the same room with him and are busy with their smartphones.

Lack of contact with parents is the main reason for loneliness experienced by modern youth (the so-called generation of millennials). They did not communicate with their parents as much as previous generations.

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