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Lessons that a child must learn before age 10

Raising children is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Yes, from time to time all parents have difficulties. But, ultimately, your role comes down to simple tasks:

take care of your child as yourself;
Show your child an example of the behavior you want them to learn;
teach a child to distinguish good from bad;
protect the child from any harm;
love a child unconditionally.
Before the child turns 10 years old, he must learn 10 simple lessons. And you must help him in this.

1. To be kind is one of the main achievements in life.

Other achievements (for example, good grades in school or achievements in sports) are also important. But most importantly, this is how the child relates to people and to himself. Love and kindness – this is what is really important in life.

2. Love is enough for everyone

If you have one child, tell him: “I love you and dad.” If you have several children, tell them: “I love you and your brother / sister. Love is enough for everyone – and I love you equally. ”

3. Your appearance and body are beautiful

Repeat this for the child whenever he doubts it.

4. It is important to take care of your body

The child must take care of hygiene. Feed him enough, but no frills. Take care that the child’s body is healthy and strong. Talk with your child about how amazing his body is, because thanks to him he can run, cuddle, eat and do many more pleasant things.

5. Each person is unique

Each of us has our own unique abilities and talents. And the child does not need to be the best in everything – he just has to try to do his job as best as possible.

6. You are not alone

Tell the child: “Even if I’m not around, I always remember about you and love you.”

7. It is important to share with others

Explain to the child that it is important to share toys, thoughts, and teach others what they can do with other children (for example, tying shoelaces or throwing a ball). Show your child an example of this behavior.

8. Sometimes saying “no” is normal

If a child has some special toy for him that he doesn’t want to share with anyone (for example, a gift from his grandmother), it’s quite normal to say: “I don’t want to share.” It’s not necessary to always accept someone’s request. But even when a child refuses someone, he should be kind.

9. It is very important to respect your parents

Tell the child: “Everything that we do with dad, we do because we love you. We want you to be safe. We want you to live your best life. ” Set a good example for your child: treat yourself and others with respect.

10. No matter what happens, we will always love you

Say this to your child as often as possible – this will make him feel needed and loved.

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