How to effectively teach your child discipline
Discipline is one of the most important, but at the same time one of the most incomprehensible words for parents. All parents are united in the fact that children need…

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Things Children Need for Well-Being

Children need the most basic things from their parents, such as time and affection. This contributes to their development. Your child grows up the way you raised him. Consider what exactly the child should receive in full from the parents.

All children are affected by the environment in which they grow. The child learns from how he lives, who surrounds him, which makes him a man. If parents encourage the child, he learns confidence. If parents teach a child honesty, he becomes fair. If a child grows up in an atmosphere of approval, he learns to love himself. If a child grows up in safety, he learns to trust. If parents teach a child to share, he grows up generous. If a child grows up in an atmosphere of acceptance and friendliness, he learns to love and make the world better.

When you first have a child, you want to give him all the best: you buy the most expensive toys, clothes and other things. But is all this your child needs? Of course, he needs certain things, but this is not the main thing. Simple things, such as love, affection, and attention, play a major role in the growth and development of a child. Your care and affection give the child a sense of security that will allow him to fully reveal his potential while exploring the world around him. Consider several factors that are important in the development of the child.

Unconditional love

Although this seems obvious, unconditional love is essential for every child. Unconditional love is not only manifestations of love, but something more. It should be manifested in your every action, touch and word. Love is the essence of all relationships, and it is it that helps your child trust you and feel safe. Therefore, it is important that you make it clear to the child that you love him regardless of his behavior. This will help you create a strong emotional connection with your child. He should not think that your love depends on his behavior.

Caring and meeting needs

In addition to the emotional support that you give your child, you must meet his basic needs. Try to understand them by the actions and voice of the child. So you can determine, for example, when he is hungry.

Another important baby need is sleep. While the baby is sleeping, the cells of his brain work optimally, creating the neural connections necessary for learning and developing thinking. Therefore, make sure the baby is sleeping enough.

You should also pay attention to the nutrition of the child, as it provides the child’s body with the nutrients necessary for its healthy development. In the first year of a baby’s life, breast milk should be the main ingredient in its nutrition.

Protection and safety

Children do not feel safe when their parents do not care about them, do not satisfy their needs and do not show enough love. A sense of security allows your child to start trusting you. When a child feels protected, he knows who he can trust in certain situations. This creates a strong affection between you and the child, which contributes to his well-being in the future.

In addition to emotional security, the child also needs physical security. You must make sure that the apartment you live in is safe for the child. But this is not enough: the child should always be under your supervision in order to be able to explore the world around him without risking harm to himself. If you work, you need to use the services of an experienced and caring nanny. The main thing is that she sincerely loved children. With such a nanny, the child will grow happy.


Interaction with others is what the child seeks at an early age. Talk to your child from a very young age, even if you find this activity meaningless. It will help him develop his speech skills.

Each new interaction with the child introduces him to new, previously unknown information and provides sensory stimulation necessary for the development of his brain. Daily games with the child, which are considered the most popular form of interaction, will help him feel safe. It is also the best way to show your baby your love.

Another way to interact with your child is to read aloud. This activity stimulates the imagination of a child and develops his speech skills. The child lives in his imagination the plots of books that are read to him.


The child may be upset when he does not have enough skills for any games or activities. However, he can develop the necessary skills, and this will contribute to his overall development. Encourage him to solve new problems and do not forget to praise him for the successful completion of past tasks. Praise him orally or hug him. This will not only inspire him to learn new skills, but also teach him to evaluate his strength.


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How to effectively teach your child discipline
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