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How to teach a child good manners

Today, one can often hear phrases: “Modern children are ill-mannered”, “In our time, we knew how to behave,” “Children lack good manners,” etc. However, good manners do not appear on their own. Parents should purposefully develop them in children and show a good example of such behavior. Raising children as we want to see them is our task and our responsibility.

The time and effort that parents put into instilling good manners in their child pays off. As soon as the child learns good manners, he will remember them for life, and the atmosphere in the family will become much more pleasant. Good manners help people make contact with others, get a job, and generally be more successful in life. The culture of relationships between people once turned a primitive society into a civilized one. In families where everyone has good manners, people not only create a good impression in the eyes of others, but can also interact positively with each other and deal with intra-family conflicts. And this is a direct result of good manners.

Good manners should be instilled in a child from an early age. Consider a few tips that will help parents in this difficult matter.

1. Show the child an example of good manners and explain the rules of good behavior

To instill good manners in your child, you must first possess them. It is often possible to observe how children of raised parents also grow up brought up. Therefore, you must become an example of good behavior for a child.

2. Practice good manners at home

If you do not know how to instill good manners in your child, you must first understand that this is achieved through long practice. At home, you can play different situations that require good manners, in roles. You can also practice good manners during family dinners.

3. Teach your child polite phrases for different occasions.

Begin teaching your child good manners with five basic polite words and phrases: “please,” “thank you,” “sorry,” “can I …?” And “no, thank you.”

4. Use positive reinforcement

It is important to praise the child. It often happens that parents scold the child for behaving incorrectly in something, and at the same time do not notice his good behavior. However, praising a child for displaying good manners is equally important. This will inspire him and motivates him to behave well in the future.

5. Be patient

When parents try to instill in a child good manners, they must remember that children are inherently self-centered. They need time to understand the need to think about others, talk less, listen more to the interlocutor, etc.

6. Become a mentor for your child

When instilling good manners in a child, discuss with him various situations that happen in his life and help him find the best way to behave in such situations. Talk with your child about his life, give advice – this is how you motivate the child to control his social life and set goals in it. Be attentive to what the child is telling you. Try to understand what difficulties he is facing. Nobody likes to communicate with rude children, and you should tell the child about it. This can be explained by the example of other children who do not like your son or daughter because of their rude behavior.

7. Teach your child the rules of behavior at the table

The child usually easily learns the rules of behavior at the table, especially having the opportunity to constantly practice this. Therefore, arrange family breakfasts or dinners as often as possible. Among all other benefits, they will teach the child good manners at the table.

8. Correct child behavior

If you want to teach a child good manners, you must understand that children often do not understand what they are doing wrong in certain situations. Therefore, one should not punish a child for having made a mistake in something; it is better to explain to him what he is wrong about and what he should do.

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