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How to raise children well adapted to life

We do not raise children to prepare them for childhood – we prepare them for adulthood. We take certain actions to educate our children, and on this basis, children understand what kind of behavior is normal. They consolidate their habits and patterns of behavior that remain with them in adulthood.

Of course, we wish only the best for our children. We want them to live a happy life, be able to overcome all the difficulties of adulthood, or just better at school. More often than not, we just want them to succeed in life, and are looking for advice that could help them do this.

But best of all, we can help our children when we show them an example, rather than telling something. With the help of certain actions that you will perform in the presence of your child, you can educate him successful and well adapted to adulthood. Let your children see you and take an example from you.

1. Overcome difficulties

Many parents try not to show the child that they encounter difficulties so as not to seem weak in his eyes. But it’s much more important to show your child how you deal with difficulties. Let the children see how you do not give up, how hard you work to solve the problem, how you ask for help, etc.

2. cry

Parents are very embarrassed when they have to cry in the presence of their children. But if you do this, you will show the child that it helps to get rid of the feeling of sadness. The child will understand that there is no need to hide the feelings that bother him.

3. Kiss with your spouse

This can confuse the child, but at the same time it is useful for him. It is especially important to show affection for your spouse during periods when you are very busy at work. Even a short kiss on the cheek before leaving the house shows that affection and family ties are more than the conveniences that living together brings.

4. Exercise

Show your child how important a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are. You can even adjust the schedule to go with your child for a run or training. Do not tell your child that you need to play sports in order to be strong and healthy. Just show him that a healthy lifestyle is something natural and taken for granted.

The main enemy of a healthy lifestyle is a TV, computer and electronic gadgets. Therefore, pay attention to how much time you devote to them.

5. Pay attention to what is happening around you.

A child should not think that everything and the whole world revolves around him, and you should show him an example in this. Engage in volunteer activities and do good deeds.

One of the most effective ways to give your child the opportunity to feel his worth is to let him help someone or participate in a socially important matter. Show him an example that the world around is more important than selfish motives.

6. Spend money wisely

It’s good if your family’s well-being allows you not to worry about running expenses. However, it will be useful to involve the child in the discussion of purchases. The sooner you do this, the faster the child will understand how much things cost and learn to be economical.

7. Learn new things

Some patterns of parental behavior (for example, overcoming difficulties or demonstrating complex feelings) may seem illogical to the child and create tension. Also, the child may seem illogical to learn something new throughout life.

Getting new knowledge needs to be given a lot of time. Understanding this is very useful for a child in adulthood. He must have comfortable enough conditions to learn something new. First of all, show him an example. For example, a child is more interested in reading when he sees that his parents are reading.

8. Be kind to yourself

Studies show that children, whose self-esteem is based on the approval of others, often experience psychological problems. Conversely, children whose self-esteem is associated with internal values ​​are better at school, less likely to use alcohol or drugs, less likely to suffer from eating disorders, etc.

The world around us is fraught with many threats to children’s self-esteem. Therefore, you should teach him to be kind to himself and forgive yourself of minor weaknesses. This can be a difficult task, especially if you yourself tend to set yourself high standards. However, this can be of great benefit to the child in the future.

9. Analyze your behavior and feelings

A penchant for reflection can be a manifestation of spirituality or simply introspection. One way or another, it’s worth the time. It is generally accepted that introspection is the opposite of decisiveness and real action. Someone may say that excessive reflection will prevent the child from succeeding in adulthood. However, it is not. Thinking helps him to better understand his human nature.

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