Open communication with children

Household responsibilities that the child will cope with
One of the tasks of parents is to teach the child responsibility and to accustom him to perform household duties. This skill is very important for the development of the…

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We instill ecological habits in the child
A well-known proverb says: “He who knows the price of money, that he can’t escape the need.” A lean attitude not only to money, but also to food, water, things,…

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How can parents get closer to their child?
There is a big difference between helping a child and doing something for him. Parents often believe that if they solve his problems for the child, he will love them…

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How to form a personal opinion for a teenager

During the puberty period, not only physical changes occur with the child. At this age, the child’s thinking skills do not just develop – this development occurs at a rapid pace. Perhaps your child has shown abilities for abstract thinking before, but they are fully disclosed only in adolescence.

Now he can critically reflect on concepts such as justice and equality, and also look at things from the perspective of another person. These changes in the thinking of adolescents allow them to better understand social trends and form their own opinions.

This development of cognitive abilities allows the teenager to find answers to many deep questions. A few years ago, these questions did not make sense to him, but now they help him to turn from a child into an independent adult: “Who am I? What do I believe in? What do I want to become and what needs to be done for this? ”

Inquisitiveness of the mind is one of the benefits that a child gains as a teenager. He wants to learn more at school and beyond. You may wonder how teenagers who are considered unmotivated at school are interested in what is happening in the world. Continue reading

Preparing your child for a brother or sister

A second pregnancy for young mothers can be as exciting and exciting as the first. You have probably already learned how to cope well with some things: changing diapers, feeding a baby, reassuring him when he cries, as well as caring for him when he is sick. However, now you will face new challenges, for example, to prepare the child for the appearance of a brother or sister. The first few months after the birth of the baby can turn out to be very difficult, because now you need to take care of two children at once. First of all, you take care of the newborn, but do not forget that the older child has its own needs and anxieties. When you first tell your child that he will soon have a brother or sister, you may encounter a lot of emotions – from joy to complete hostility. It’s funny, but in some cases, the child may not show any emotional reaction at all. But even in this case, do not worry. Children love the established order of things, and the advent of a new child brings changes to their normal lives. Adults also need time to get used to something new. It is not surprising that young children do not immediately get used to changes in the family.

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Fear-Based Parental Mistakes

Parents forbade something to many of us in childhood. Sometimes we heard the word “no” too often.

But years later, when we have our own children, we begin to understand our parents. Raising children is not an easy task. Parents can be good-natured and love their children indefinitely, but out of a sense of fear they use the wrong patterns of behavior. Try not to resort to such behaviors in dealing with children.

1. Excessive custody. Worrying news and phobias keep many parents at bay. However, life goes on. When fear controls our actions, it negates our good intentions. Anxiety for the child turns into control, looking after him into supervision, and protection into excessive custody. Sometimes, due to excessive custody, parents are tempted not to let the child out of the house, but this only suppresses him. If you do not allow your child to play on the court with other children, go to birthdays, etc., he will not be able to develop the communication skills that he needs. Let your child communicate with peers. Continue reading

Second Child Syndrome: Causes and Consequences

According to the famous Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler, certain character traits of a child depend on whether he was the first-born or second child in the family. Middle children may be susceptible to second child syndrome. Let us consider in more detail why this is happening.

When the first child appears in the family, everything seems new and unique to the parents. They admire every new achievement of the child, every day of his life brings them unforgettable memories. When a second child is born, this experience is not new for parents. When your child takes the first step, you have already seen it. However, for him this experience is new. But due to the fact that you have already seen these achievements, you do not appreciate them at their true worth, and therefore a child may consider himself unworthy. He may also feel offended by his older brother or sister, which may lead to rivalry between them.

Another cause of second child syndrome may be the age difference between the children. Sometimes parents do not cope with two children at once (for example, in situations where you need to send the eldest child to school and feed the youngest at the same time). It is difficult for parents to do several things at once, so they can not devote enough time to the youngest child, even with a great desire. Continue reading

What a two year old baby really understands

Svetlana, the mother of two-year-old Julia, says: “When my little daughter was ill with digestive disorders, I worked remotely. Usually, when a daughter is ill, she does not become less energetic and plays as much as usual. At such times, I could not work. But this time it was not so. My daughter felt unwell and just wanted to sit on my lap. I really liked it, and I was not at all worried about getting infected from her. In addition, I decided to take this opportunity and work. I took out my work laptop.

However, after some time, my daughter closed my laptop with the words: “Stop working, mom.” She felt that she was not getting enough of my attention and just wanted to sit on my lap so that nothing would distract me from her — not a laptop, not a mobile phone, or anything else. And then I realized how often my husband and I, spending time with my daughter, are distracted by checking our page on social networks or completing some work tasks. ” Continue reading

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Second Child Syndrome: Causes and Consequences
According to the famous Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler, certain character traits of a child depend on whether he was the first-born or second child in the family. Middle children may…