Open communication with children

A child likes to command: how to solve a problem
It may be difficult for you to believe that your child wants you to go up the career ladder. Representatives of prestigious professions (lawyers, businessmen, company leaders, etc.) have one…

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Seven Parent Mistakes in Money Handling
When it comes to meeting the needs of the child, parents are often confused. They often cannot plan their finances and make certain mistakes in this matter. You should not…

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The role of moral education in the development of children
Moral education is very important for the full development of the child. Teaching a child moral principles is an extremely important task for parents. The development of morality in a…

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If the child does not obey the rules

Today, child psychologists disagree on how to properly educate children, how to apply the principles of positive discipline, which rules are suitable for different age groups of children, etc.

You can often hear from parents: “We tried to set the rules for our child. We explained that if a child violates them, consequences will await him. We did everything we could – and it did not give any result. Our child remained uncontrollable (rude, impudent, etc.). If you are raising a child, you may have come up with similar thoughts.

Many parents have tried all possible ways to discipline the child, and are still confident that nothing works. The fact that the child does not react to any means of teaching him discipline only annoys his parents. If all of this is familiar to you, ask yourself a few questions: Continue reading

How can parents get closer to their child?

There is a big difference between helping a child and doing something for him. Parents often believe that if they solve his problems for the child, he will love them more. But this is likely to lead to the fact that the child will grow up capricious and confident that everyone around him should. However, if you help the child correctly, you can become close to him and develop a strong character in him.

A healthy way to help a child who is struggling with difficulties is to understand how he is feeling and not to try to fix it. When parents do not put their feelings about the situation in the first place, but listen to the feelings of the child, they show empathy towards him. When a child feels that he is understood, he does not feel lonely and becomes more self-confident.

An obstacle to the manifestation of empathy may be that parents may think: “I can not talk about this with the child, because I have not encountered such situations. Continue reading

How to raise children well adapted to life

We do not raise children to prepare them for childhood – we prepare them for adulthood. We take certain actions to educate our children, and on this basis, children understand what kind of behavior is normal. They consolidate their habits and patterns of behavior that remain with them in adulthood.

Of course, we wish only the best for our children. We want them to live a happy life, be able to overcome all the difficulties of adulthood, or just better at school. More often than not, we just want them to succeed in life, and are looking for advice that could help them do this.

But best of all, we can help our children when we show them an example, rather than telling something. With the help of certain actions that you will perform in the presence of your child, you can educate him successful and well adapted to adulthood. Let your children see you and take an example from you. Continue reading

Parents in a smartphone: impact on children

Recently, we often hear that digital technology is breaking down bonds between people and contributing to social isolation. Ironically, social networks allow us to virtually communicate with people almost around the clock. But, if we spend too much time in the virtual world, we find ourselves in social isolation.

If parents are too keen on electronic devices, this can adversely affect their relationship with their children. Such children will subsequently also suffer from a lack of social skills.

Loneliness and isolation pose a health risk. Continue reading

Tips on how to improve the quality of life in the new year

The time is coming when we are summing up the results of the outgoing year and give ourselves the promise to change something in life in the new year. In most families, New Year’s Eve is full of fuss and preparations for the holiday. In such a rhythm, often there is no time to think and take stock, therefore, decisions to change something in your life usually come on New Year’s Eve.

Many of us have made such promises to ourselves many times. But, to be honest, few did not only fulfill them, but even remembered them after a short time.

Children are also trying to make some decisions on New Year’s Eve, but their successes are as small as in adults. The problem is that such promises do not coincide with our life goals. Promises are just statements (albeit sincere) about the desire to make your life better, and not a specific plan of change. Continue reading

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